SHEmpawa is exciting part of She Voice Africa, created specifically to empower and uplift women in music industry. Our goal is simple: these give every woman chance to shine in career, no matter what of people might expect based on outdated ideas.

We’re all about making sure women get the recognition they deserves, want to make sure that women with all kinds for talents and dreams in entertainment have place to thrive. At SVA – SHEmpawa, we believe in power of representation and recognition.

SHEmix: For Female Producers

SHEmix is a groundbreaking initiative offering female producers comprehensive training programs, invaluable mentorship, collaborative opportunities, and avenues for growth, revolutionizing the music landscape.

SHEspin: Empowering Female DJs

She Spin is dedicated to spotlighting and championing the talents of female DJs, providing them with the visibility, recognition, and opportunities they deserve in a traditionally male-dominated field.

SHExperience: Studio Session Empowerment

SHExperience offers aspiring musicians the chance to immerse themselves in transformative studio sessions, where they can learn, collaborate, and grow under the guidance of industry professionals.

Femtech: Women in Music Technology

Femtech celebrates the groundbreaking contributions of women in music technology, showcasing their innovation, creativity, and expertise in shaping the future of the industry.

Writing Camps: Cultivating Creative Excellence

Our writing camps bring together aspiring songwriters and lyricists, providing them with a supportive environment to hone their craft, explore their creativity, and develop their unique voice.

Masterclasses: Learning from Industry Experts

SHEmpawa’s masterclasses offer invaluable learning experiences, with industry experts sharing their knowledge, insights, and practical advice to empower women at every stage of their career journey.

Women in Position: Celebrating Female Leadership

We celebrate and elevate women in leadership positions, highlighting their achievements, contributions, and impact within the entertainment industry and beyond.

Through these initiatives and more, SHEmpawa is not just shaping the present but also paving the way for a more inclusive, equitable, and diverse future in entertainment.