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Are you passionate about empowering women in the music industry? Apply to become a speaker for She Voice Africa (SVA) and share your expertise with our vast community. Join us in amplifying voices and fostering growth in the women in music space.

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Would you like to offer a special benefit or perk to She Voice Africa (SVA)? Your contribution can make a significant difference in empowering women in the music industry. Contact us today to discuss how your perk can support our mission and benefit our community of aspiring women in music. Together, let’s create positive change and amplify women’s voices in the music space.

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Are you an experienced professional in the music industry passionate about empowering aspiring next generation of female leaders in music? Join us as a mentor at She Voice Africa (SVA) and make a difference in the lives of emerging talents in the music space.

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Are you looking to make a meaningful impact in the music industry and support women’s empowerment? Become a sponsor for She Voice Africa (SVA) and align your brand with our mission of fostering diversity and inclusion in the music space. Your sponsorship will directly contribute to empowering women through mentorship, education, and opportunities for growth.